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Eye Eye Nylon Slings

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Eye Eye Nylon Slings,61EE2X6,61EE2X8,61EE2X10,62EE2X4,62EE2X6,62EE2X8,62EE2X10,63EE2X4,63EE2X6,63EE2X8,63EE2X10,91EE2X4,91EE2X6,91EE2X8,91EE2X10,92EE2X4,92EE2X6,92EE2X8,92EE2X10,93EE2X4,93EE2x6,93EE2X8,93EE2X10, Slings

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Eye & Eye Nylon Slings

2-Ply Medium Duty 1″     2400,1800,4800 61EE2X4 61EE2X6 61EE2X8 61EE2X10
2-Ply Medium Duty 2″     4800,3600,9600 62EE2X4 62EE2X6 62EE2X8 62EE2X10
2-Ply Medium Duty 3″        6500,4900,13000 63EE2X4 63EE2X6 63EE2X8 63EE2X10
2-Ply Heavy Duty 1″     3200,2500,6400 91EE2X4 91EE2X6 91EE2X8 91EE2X10
2-Ply Heavy Duty 2″        6400,5000,12800 92EE2X4 92EE2X6 92EE2X8 92EE2X10
2-Ply Heavy Duty 3″       8900,7200,17800 93EE2X4 93EE2X6 93EE2X8 93EE2X10



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